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Kenya: How Toxic and Infectious Medical Waste Can Be Harming Citizens

A visit to the hospital does not usually show what happens in the trunk. It is here where lost blood and body tissues and parts from surgeries, pharmaceuticals, medicine bottles — tonnes of hospital waste — go through. In the instance of the Kenyatta National Hospital, this might be as much as one tonne a…
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Medical Waste Incinerator: Essential Medical Waste Disposal Services Provided By Meda Send

Hazardous wastes are those chemicals and medications that are toxic and infectious which can effectively affect the wellness of the people upon exposed. These may also be laboratory medicines that are used by physicians in aid for harsh and severe diseases and disorders of individuals. Disposing these hazardous waste wouldn’t be a difficult job because…
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Adjumani Hospital incinerator blows up

ADJUMANI. For the past four months, support staff in the hospital have been dumping medical waste within the enclosure of the incinerator rather than burning it. The hospital administrator, Mr Michael Ojja, told Daily Monitor on Wednesday the incinerator resigned because of continuous burning of collected waste from the hospital. “The waste has grown due…
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Pyrolysis Deemed a Viable Alternative to Incinceration

Researchers at the University of York have concluded that PyroPure (UK) technology has the capacity to alter the way in which toxic waste is destroyed in clinical environments and state pharmacists, hospitals and manufacturers across the united kingdom should consider trialling the system. The statement follows a six month Innovate UK-funded Knowledge Transfer Partnership project…
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