Central Australia’s Creature graveyard

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Central Australia’s Creature graveyard

The figure has been shown from the Alice Springs regional waste management facility report for October.

The dead pet you asked the vet to dispose of will wind up buried in landfill, in most places across the nation, and Alice Springs is not any different.

“it is a combo of horses, dogs, cats, pigs, any animal that dies,” explained Alice Springs council technical services manager Greg Buxton. “Road kill, kangaroos and that, the rangers select up them, and you’ve got to dispose of them someplace sterile. We place them at the back of landfill.”

The facility is on track to surpass last year’s total, with 3.7 tonnes deposited at the first quarter of the year.

Mr Buxton said most regional councils across the nation dispose of dead animals in garbage.

“In the bigger cities they have an incinerator type setting where they cremate themwhereas we don’t have an incinerator here,” he explained.