HICLOVER Solution for Fighting COVID-19, with ISO9001/CE Certification.

HICLOVER Incinerators

HICLOVER, Nanjing Clover Medical Technology Co.,Ltd, supply system solutions for medical environmental protection, animal and pet cremation engineering, other municipal solid waste incineration project. We supply single combustion chamber, double combustion chambers, three combustion chambers and multi-combustion chambers waste incinerators for laboratory, clinic, hospital, medical center, hygiene clinical waste destruction with medical disposable, biological waste, medical plastic waste,…
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Medical Waste Incinerator for Coronavirus Disease(COVID-19)

* Full range incinerator with Standard Small-Large Scale incinerator, General Municipal Solid Waste Incinerator, Containerized Mobile Incinerator, High Efficient Environmental Waste Incinerator. * Single combustion chamber, double combustion chambers, three combustion chambers and multi-combustion chambers waste incinerators. * System solutions for medical waste environmental. * High burnning rate, from 5kgs to 1000kgs per hour. *…
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Containerized Mobile Incinerator

The incinerator mounted in ISO Container before leave factory, free-installation, no incineration house build construction,movable by truck.

waste incinerator

Burring Ability 100/ 200 KG/ human resources Please develop your deal right here Variety of Heater 02 Nos Please write your bargain here Burner Kind Dual Chamber Main Chamber Secondy Chamber Please compose your deal right here Burner Layout Controlled Air Please compose your offer listed below Gas to be taken advantage of Gas/ Deisel…
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2019年05月13日 空氣凈化設備 414 views 產品簡介 風淋室是進行人身上凈化和防止污染空氣進入潔凈區的裝置,它是利用高速的潔凈氣流清除人員身上服裝或物料表面的塵粒。同時還起到氣閘室的作用,阻止室外空氣對凈化室或低級別對高級別凈化室的污染。 直通型風淋室是最常用設計之一,其兩門對開,造型簡單而美觀,同時具有聯鎖功能,且可作為不同等級無塵室的緩衝室,防止人員進出時產生的交叉污染。  產品功能: 風淋室內的空氣經初效過濾器由風機壓入靜壓箱,經高效過濾器凈化,從噴咀高速噴出,從而吹除人身上和攜帶物品表面附着的塵埃,防止未經凈化的空氣進入凈化區域。  產品特性: *產品結構堅固,便於安裝 *PLC 控制系統穩定高效,如有停電,風淋室門會自動解鎖 *初效高效兩級過濾,高效效率高達99.99%效率@0.3um *高風速360度可調式不鏽鋼噴嘴 *易於更換初效和高效的裝置 *配置潔凈室專用凈化燈 *可調式的吹淋時間(10-99秒) *配德國品牌閉門器。 *可靠的互鎖功能 *配有急停按鈕 標準圖紙 技術參數: 細節展示 360度可調方向不鏽鋼噴嘴 德國知名品牌閉門器 高靜壓大風量馬達 美國HV進口濾紙高效過濾器 上一篇: 貨淋室-自動門型 下一篇: 自帶風機過濾單元 更多內容 網址: 電話: 025-57138032 自帶風機過濾單元 卷繞式空氣過濾器廠家,南京潔凈棚,風淋室,自動捲簾式 人員風淋室-直通型 卷繞式空氣過濾器廠家,南京潔凈棚,風淋室,自動捲簾式 貨淋室-自動門型 卷繞式空氣過濾器廠家,南京潔凈棚,風淋室,自動捲簾式 人員風淋室-節能型 卷繞式空氣過濾器廠家,南京潔凈棚,風淋室,自動捲簾式 吹淋型傳遞窗 卷繞式空氣過濾器廠家,南京潔凈棚,風淋室,自動捲簾式 無菌層流型傳遞窗 卷繞式空氣過濾器廠家,南京潔凈棚,風淋室,自動捲簾式 高效送風口 卷繞式空氣過濾器廠家,南京潔凈棚,風淋室,自動捲簾式 BFU風機過濾單元 卷繞式空氣過濾器廠家,南京潔凈棚,風淋室,自動捲簾式 層流罩 卷繞式空氣過濾器廠家,南京潔凈棚,風淋室,自動捲簾式…
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appareils de chauffage pouvant prendre en charge le sac rouge des déchets bio-médicaux

appareils de chauffage pouvant traiter les déchets bio-médicaux (sac rouge) du laboratoire de niveau 2 en plus de 3, de l’étude de recherche sur les animaux de compagnie et des centres de santé. Il y a en outre un pourcentage de déchets pharmaceutiques à endommager. Je voudrais certainement vos références sur les appareils de chauffage…
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burn between 5000-10000 kg per hour.Mostly waste from crude oil tanks. Construction, installation and 6 weeks maintenance cost including specifications.CMSD for Double Chamber Rotary Klin Type Incinerator (1st Chamber temperatur not less than 850 degree centrigrade & 2nd Chamber Temperature  not less than 1200 c with exhaust pipe 100 meter long with emission gas filtering…
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The Cost of a Pet Cremation Incinerator

Basic Info. Model NO.:prices of incinerator for pets Export Markets:Global Product Description We are one of the largest waste incinerator manufacturer and exporter of China. Pyrolytic incinerator technical is main waste treatment method all over the world, for Medical Waste, gas pet incinerator china, gea, ab-271, ghana medical waste, search domestic wasteincinerator, google search small…
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Technical Design of Health Care Risk Waste Incinerator

Basic Info. Model NO.:the price of animal crematory Export Markets:Global Product Description YD incinerator is newest design for waste treatment, include medical waste, animal cremation and other solid waste. This gear quality structural for types of website, like hospital, environmental department, animal cremation services, etc… Is a leading waste incinerator maker in China. We’re local…
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Inaugurada planta de gestión de residuos animales en Marsa

La nueva planta ayudaría a reducir las pérdidas de energía en el proceso de incineración, así como a reducir las emisiones nocivas. Wasteserv inauguró hoy una gestión de residuos animales de 12 millones de euros en Marsa. En la inauguración de la nueva planta de procesamiento de autoclaves de Wateserv financiada por la UE para…
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medical incinerator prices

INCINERATOR WITH CONTROL UNIT Has been specifically designed for use in: – Hospitals – Clinics – Laboratories – Disaster relief Operations – Animal Cremation – Can be used to eliminate medical waste with reliable, on site technology   An innovative system for medical facilities.  It has been designed to eliminate hospital waste (including infectious and…
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Incenerator System

Incenerator Supply, installation and testing of medical waste incinerator with a capacity of 75 kilograms / hour, operated by LPG and including all accessories with chimney in accordance with the technical specifications and public health regulations Item 2 Incinerators room for 3 incinerators as item 3-1-1, and waste store for keeping wastes for 7 days,…
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