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New Courtice incinerator hits further Flaws

CLARINGTON — Clarington’s brand new energy-from-waste facility will probably be delayed a second time because the boilers are not functioning properly and the ongoing startup period could cost Durham Region an extra $1 million. “I’d rather see it delayed and performed right than hurried,” explained Clarington Mayor Adrian Foster. The Durham York Energy Centre facility,…
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The other day at the waste incineration plant

From waste is made electricity for 250,000 individuals And this is the highlight. The heat produced during combustion is used. On the one hand, to heat the nearby Ford plant. But this is just a nice side effect. The majority of the heat is converted into electricity by generators. And even that the power consumption…
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Medical Waste Incinerator: Essential Medical Waste Disposal Services Provided By Meda Send

Hazardous wastes are those chemicals and medications that are toxic and infectious which can effectively affect the wellness of the people upon exposed. These may also be laboratory medicines that are used by physicians in aid for harsh and severe diseases and disorders of individuals. Disposing these hazardous waste wouldn’t be a difficult job because…
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England’s Garbage Producing Danish heat

“They save on having to bury the waste and we save on the consumption of natural gas,” he explained. READ MORE: Denmark pays for electricity Environmental protection agency Miljøstyrelsen explained that last year up to 200,000 tonnes of non-hazardous waste from England was incinerated in Denmark — almost six percentage of the total volume of…
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Ebola: Southport firm leading the fight in International health crisis

“Their engineers usually go out to help with installation but as a result of the Ebola threat, engineers employed by aid organisations and agencies are being sent to be trained up at the plant in Canning Road Industrial Estate rather than Mr Niklas added:”They contacted us when the outbreak started a few months ago. But…
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