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HICLOVER Solution for Fighting COVID-19, with ISO9001/CE Certification.

Medical Waste Incinerator: Essential Medical Waste Disposal Services Provided By Meda Send

Hazardous wastes are those chemicals and medications that are toxic and infectious which can effectively affect the wellness of the people upon exposed. These may also be laboratory medicines that are used by physicians in aid for harsh and severe diseases and disorders of individuals. Disposing these hazardous waste wouldn’t be a difficult job because…
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Tinian solid waste: Where to go?

In assessing these options, the U.S. military held the assumption that the present dumpsite situated at Puntan Diablo on Tinian — the area where the Chinese team of investors is planning to develop in an integrated resort — will be closed and that a transfer station has been considered. MARFORPAC environmental specialist Sherri Eng said…
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